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Fetească Regală 

Single Vineyard

Zone: Dealu Zorilor

Plantation Year: 1982

Area: 1,98 ha

Production/ ha: 4 000 – 4 500 kg

Patima după Matei is the infinite love for nature and the living things of this place, for traditions and customs, for each plot that we take charge of with care. Patima după Matei reflects the relationship between the land we work daily and the grapes that take the shape and essence of this place.

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The climate is temperate-continental, with specific aspects of the transition zone from steppe to forest-steppe. Winters are generally cold with sudden changes in temperature caused by cold air invasions from the north-northeast direction. Summers have a high frequency of hot days, especially in July-August, with a longer period than the calendar period, at the expense of spring.

Average annual temperature: 11.6 °C

Average summer temperature: 23.8 °C

Average winter temperature: 0.5 °C

Annual rainfall: 500 - 550 mm

Vegetation: 190-200 days

Annual sunstroke: 1 500 - 1 650 hours

Precipitation vegetation: 350-400 mm


Production area

Area: Dealu Mare

Quality: DOC- CMD


The plots are located at the northern end of Dealu Mare vineyard, 15 km west of Buzau. It is a hilly region, geomorphologically included in the southern group of the Buzău Subcarpathian.

The vineyards are located at an altitude of 205 - 285 m.

The land has a south-eastern exposure, and the terrain is arranged in terraces.

The soil

The soil where the plots are located is medium to heavily eroded reddish-brown silt loam land. The soil texture is characterized by a clay content of 19-25%, with good water retention and facilitates root aeration. There are also traces of calcium carbonate, with active limestone content of approximately 2.4% at depths of 0-60 cm. This creates optimal conditions for producing high-quality wines.

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